Welcome to PawnTicketList Tutorials!

Thank you for choosing PawnTicketList as your premiere source for trading, buying, and selling of pawn tickets. In this section you will learn the basics of how to sign up, create a password, and post a pawn ticket.

User Creation

  1. Step One: On the left hand side of the website is our main menu section. Here you will see several options, click the Join Us button to continue.
  2. Step Two: You will see a new page, called User Account. Choose a user name (Does not require your real name), then enter a valid email address below that. The location select in the box below that is to help us customize your search results to your specific city/zip code. Your email address will stay anonymous and only your username will be shown throughout the PawnTicketList website.
  3. Step Three: Click the Create A New Account button. A message will pop up informing you that an email has been sent with further instructions.
  4. Step Four: Log in to your email and read the new message. This message will prompt you to click a hyperlink that will log you into PawnTicketList. (Note-This is a one time log in.) After clicking the hyperlink in your email you will see a page 'Password Reset'. Now click the log in button.
  5. Step Five: (Password Creation) At the top of this page you will see your username, this is your profile page. Scroll down the page so you can see your email address and two password boxes. Now select the first password box and type in a password you can remember, then re type it into the next box for confirmation. (You can click save now or continue to edit your profile page.)
  6. Step Six: To continue to edit your profile page, scroll down to see more options. Here you can upload a photo of your choosing, and adjust the time zone.
  7. Step Seven: Click the save button to lock in your changes. Now you can view your profile or click the PawnTicketList logo to go to the home page and begin to search for a pawn ticket in your area.


Posting a Ticket

  1. Step One: At the home page, click the Sign-In button. Now type your username and password then log in.  (If you are already logged in, click the My Account button.) This is your user profile page. Next to your profile image there is an 'Add Pawn Ticket' button. Click this button to enter the 'Create Pawn Ticket' page.
  2. Step Two: This is the page where you will enter all the information found upon your pawn ticket. Gather your pawn ticket for this section.
  3. Step Three: Enter the title of your pawn ticket item, it will be used as the term people will see when searching for tickets. Next, you will enter the exact description posted in the pledged goods section (located in the largest box on the physical ticket).
  4. Step Four: Now you will enter the product information. You must select a category from the drop down menu that represents your item the closest, this will help organize the search results to you can sell your ticket faster. Once the category is selected you have the option of uploading a photo (maximum of 5) in order to help another user see the quality of the item and persuade them to contact your for a purchase. Next you must enter the make(manufacturer) of the product, then the model type or number, and the original full value of the product. (The make and the model will also be in the pledged goods box.)
  5. Step Five: This stage is where you will type in the pawn ticket price information. The first box is the 'ticket sell price', this is the price you wish to charge the individual who would like to purchase your ticket. (Ticket sell price is usually 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount financed, people will be encouraged to barter.) Second box is the 'Pawned Price', this is the amount financed box on your physical pawn ticket. The next box is 'Finance Charge', this is the amount of interest you will have to pay plus the pawned price (amount financed) when you go into the pawn shop to retrieve your item. (When search for pawn tickets you will see the 'Total Cost' which is the amount financed plus the financed charged.) Next is the expiration date, which is labeled 'Date Due' on the physical pawn ticket. The pawn ticket status drop down menu is important because if a ticket is available it will be shown for all to see, but if the ticket is sold you will need to log in to your account and edit the pawn ticket to change the ticket to sold.
  6. Step Six: This part of the posting is where you will type in the pawn shop location (Creditor box on the physical pawn ticket). This is important because it allows the user to see where the pawn shop is located for picked and it gives a very good meeting location when the transaction is conducted.
  7. Step Seven: Now click the save button and view your posting to make sure everything has been typed in thoroughly and correctly. If there is a mistake hit the edit tab at the top of the page and correct any errors.

Thank you for going through the PawnTicketList tutorials. If you have any further questions email us at askyourquestions@pawnticketlist.com, or visit us at http://www.pawnticketlist.com/ask-your-questions.